Learning is a Form of Self-Care

Keep yourself healthy by feeding and exercising your brain Stress, anxiety, disappointment … 2020 seems to come up with new ways to add these to your life daily. Managing stress is a key skill, considering how damaging stress can be to your health and habits. The Mayo Clinic suggests that prolonged stress can cause headaches, anxiety, loss... Continue Reading →

Advanced English Learners Need Tutors

Some things you just can’t find in a book, or a video.  Visiting China for the first time in 2008 I remember seeing people studying English everywhere. On buses, in restaurants, waiting in lines, people would just pull out their flashcards or phrasebooks, poring over the words dutifully. I even remember trying to start a conversation... Continue Reading →

Stop Spending Your Time on Courses!

Article by Tutor.id tutor, Diogo If our pursuit of education is driven by acquiring new knowledge, why do we measure education in spans of time, and not by what we have learned? When I was 15 years old, I started learning at an English training school. I have never tried to learn a foreign language... Continue Reading →

How to Have Fun While Learning as an Adult

Do this to 2-step approach to learn faster and retain information longer I am standing on one leg, balancing precariously while clutching a fistful of flashcards with German body part words. Between the toes of my up-raised foot is the flashcard for “foot”, “der Fuß”. Shaking to retain balance I maneuver my right foot to... Continue Reading →

How Remembering Better Will Change Your Life

Spaced Repetition is more than a #lifehack “The advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.”― Friedrich Nietzsche How many times have you wished you had an eidetic memory when you were in school? The idea that you could effortlessly recall anything you have ever... Continue Reading →

How To Build Your Memory Palace

Supercharge your learning with this ancient memory technique Matteo Ricci was the first Western foreigner to be invited into the Forbidden City of ancient China. He was a Jesuit priest who, after finishing his law studies in Rome, traveled to Goa and then Ming China as a missionary, scholar, diplomat, and tutor. Ricci was the... Continue Reading →

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